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Hypnotherapy is a state of profound mental and physical relaxation. It is a focused state of awareness directed towards a specific goal. We frequently drift into this state daily without noticing such as while daydreaming, reading a book or just before falling asleep. For those who meditate, this feels familiar to a meditative state.

We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind, while the subconscious acts as a hard drive storing feelings, thoughts and memories outside our conscious mind and awareness. Hypnotherapy is a tool for working with or clearing the subconscious mind to achieve desired changes within one’s life. Hypnosis offers an effective, safe, natural and relaxing choice for resolving personal issues while promoting wellbeing and harmony within.

My work is offered through transpersonal, client centered, spiritually based regression and hypnotherapy. Understanding that the soul holds the key to it’s own answers which can be uncovered in the hypnotic state. Encompassing the mind, body, spirit as a trinity in the healing process, as mental and emotional connections are made at the subconscious level, changes occur at the physical level. My approach is one that addresses the whole person where compassion and kindness toward self are also integral components.

Going from a Bi-Wave to Tri-Wave In-scension Matrix

Over the past few months, we have been undergoing a process of gradual particle acceleration. Many of us have feeling these changes spiritually, physically and some, very painfully. We were not given a handbook to navigate such changes and our current world landscape in which we currently find ourselves.  Seemingly something deep inside us seems to be saying to us that, “there is no more fence sitting”. We either begin to look, see to find what is being asked of us and how to navigate these emotional times by going with mainstream worldly themes or by going into our hearts and holding the highest love and light.

The Living Breath of God

The best way to begin to understand this process is to compare it to the Living Breath of God Source that is the Law of All Creation. All of the Universal creation emulates the In-Breath and Out-breath emanating from the Center point of All Union, the God Source. As we are made in the image of God, we are also emulating this principle of the Law. Take a moment to feel this as a guided visualization.

As you take a deep inhaling breath, this is the In-breath of God, breathing in the God Particle principle of the Universe. As you hold your breath, or the space between the breath, this is the still point or zero point of God, where all is emanated and originally sourced from. As you exhale, this is the Out-breath of God, exhaling the Anti-particle principle of the Universal creational field. As you Inhale and Exhale consciously following the movement of your breath, you will be able to note that this is the fission and fusion movement that exists between the particle and antiparticle relationship of our Universe. It is this relationship that manifests into a particle form such as our physical bodies, as we experience it in this density.

With hypnotherapy, we are viewing the polarity existing within our body, as it is represented as an Electrical male principle, right side, and a Magnetic female principle, left side field, which have operated separately. This has created a perception of duality and the illusion of separation. We are now entering a new territory with these changing magnetic fields that are beginning to merge us into the possibility of the Zero Point Neutral Field. This is the spiritual goal of our Ascension Plan, biological ascension merging us into the neutral fields of our completion “as divine beings, embodying the Cosmic Christ Intelligences. The God Matrix energy at the Center of All Creation exists at the physics particle level as a Zero Point Field.

And this is exactly what is being radically altered on our planet and within our bodies right now.


As explained, all of these magnetic shifts are changing the global brain as well. When we look at our inner pain triggers into a field of forgiveness and forgetfulness, we are also affecting the world around us, not to mention our own personal experience of our identity. Since 2008, we have been undergoing another level of personality dissolution and physical body adjustment. This is dissolving membranes that literally held together our intelligence fields, operating within our ego’s personality program that were enmeshed with our physical body. Literally the placement of these intelligences within our light body and physical body has moved.

Many of us need to slow down and take some time off for ourselves. To see ourselves for the false ego structures that created pain. This is a huge process underway now, so please do not resist it or think something is wrong with you. Accept and accept some more. Your core identity, everything that you were is being reconfigured and realigned to support your true self. Just walk the path of what is in front of you, that is all that is being required of you now.

Also, it is important to note that our 3D physical body is heavily permeated with the existence of layer upon layer of mind programs. As such, for many heavily entrenched in their ego identity, the physical body will perish without its belief system operating within its core ego structure. This level of being will have the most difficulty in the coming times. This is why we are witnessing our triggers and pain levels for change and will continue to witness the Ego Wiring Short out. The physical body has been genetically modified and intricately manipulated to be intertwined with our physical sense of a 3D self-identity. And this identity has been mostly entrenched in survival patterning, instinctual reactions and fear programs.

As we straddle the two worlds, this area within us may be triggered into experiencing anxiety or fears. Try to connect to your physical self, let yourself know all is well and let the pattern be revealed and released through the physical location of your body. This level of clearing is very physical and talking to your physical body, by asking it what it needs and honoring all it’s doing for you is helpful. Physical body care, being in nature, soaking in mineral tubs. All forms of loving care for yourself should be on your to do list.

Written by Lisa Renee

Category: 2008  Created: 01 July 2008

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