Mission & Vision & Values

My Mission

Is to hold a sacred space for your healing, and use my knowledge, trainings, and my Highest Self to facilitate your Highest Expression. Supporting and encouraging you to live from your Highest Expression, with a deep connection to your power within. To the best of my ability, my mission is to live my life and run my business in alignment with Unity Consciousness (Eternal Love), where we are All God, All Sovereign, and All Free.

My Vision

Is a world where everyone is free of emotional, physical and mental pain. Where everyone is conscious of their connection to all, conscious of their personal sovereignty and power, in healthy alignment with their own Soul, their Highest Purpose, and Source.

I envision a world where humanity feels united, where everyone loves themselves completely and loves others equally, where the Earth and nature are cared for deeply, where service to others is a natural desire, where consciousness expansion is an important part of creating more love, and responsible co-creation with the All-One is experienced with joy and peace.

My Values

I am deeply grateful for my Highest Purpose to help support others while I continue to better myself and expand my consciousness. I value my service to others greatly, and I appreciate being a part of a Unified One. I value everyone’s right to exist in peace. I believe everyone has equal value in this beautiful world, and I value each person’s unique contribution to the Highest Expression of our World.

My Intent

My Intent, Consent, and Authority is with God Source and Service to the Law of One.