Non-Interference Policy

A ban of non-interference is in place and clearly stated and declared here and now.

No harmful infiltration, usurping of energy, interference, malevolent, misuse, malicious deviations of frequencies are allowed.

The services and expressions offered are held protected through the Law Of One and each individuals Christed Authority. I hold this space through my/our Christed Authority and monitored with the help, assistance as needed and appropriate by All of our Krystal Star Guardians, Guided Christed Ascension and Personal Health Teams. May any confusion be brought into Krystal Clarity here and now. Thank You beloved Guardians and teams.

I lovingly command all functions in the entire Body, Mind and Nervous System to be fully directed in the intent, consent and authority of each individual’s highest expression, Christ-Self, God-Self. I lovingly command all contents, structures and devices within the body and consciousness, known or unknown at this time completely governed by the Law of One, in Cosmic Sovereign Law. I AM God-Sovereign-Free!

May All Beings Be Free

May All Life Be Whole

May All Life Be Blessed By The Eternal Living Light

This Site is Dedicated and Consecrated for the Purpose of Service to Others