The 12th Dimensional Shielding Technique

The first stage in working with the 12 D shield is purposed to achieve a certain level of inner focus achieved with daily commitment. After this has been practiced with dedication on a regular basis, new levels of personal awareness begin to emerge.

Many of you will be familiar with protecting the body and auric field by surrounding yourself with white light. While this is helpful, the 12 D shield technique is infinitely more powerful and serves as a foundational tool for activating, strengthening and protecting the auric field or light body.

The more consistent you are with your practice the greater benefits will be experienced:

  • Strengthens and fortifies the auric field as it a natural part of our soul expression
  • Amplifies the connection to Source restoring inner peace and calm
  • Rebuilds the health of the body, energetic sustainability, harmony and inner balance
  • Mental focus technique helping with neurological entrainment of our auric field
  • Prepares the body to receive and integrate, increased flow of energies and new levels of awareness
  • Facilitates setting energetic boundaries to avoid siphoning of energies by others and giving your personal power away
  • Sustains the body and builds energetic discernment to repel manipulation and interference
  • Command your personal space and boundary test discordant energies that are uninvited
  • Empowers us to re-awaken to the knowledge and wisdom of our true origins
  • Allows communication links to be restored with Spiritual Forces and Star Families
  • Begins a process of reawakening dormant or damaged DNA, and reconnection to your divine blueprint and energetic architecture

It is recommended to use this tool twice daily; in the morning when you awaken and before you sleep. This Core practice will become immediate once you have attuned and anchored the frequency and shield into your auric field or light body. It takes time and discipline to build your 12 D Shield.

Please follow this video meditation to begin working with the 12th Dimensional Shielding Technique.

This material is shared under the Creative Commons BY-SA license originally from Energetic Synthesis.